Satoshi Nakamoto to be 44-year-old Australian

12. Oktober 2018

The two online magazines Wired and Gizmodo are said to have identified the phantom of Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto: It is said to be the Australian businessman Craig S Wright.

In the article, WIRED quotes an anonymous source that allegedly provided the online magazine with stored e-mails, transcripts and other documents that clearly exposed Wright as the inventor of Bitcoin. Gizmodo, on the other hand, quotes stored e-mails from an unknown source who is said to have cracked Wright’s e-mail account and questioned Wright’s closer acquaintances.

Forensic computer expert Dave Kleimann is also said to have played a significant role in the creation of Bitcoin. He was a good friend of Wright’s and died in April 2013. According to Gizmodo, Kleiman was deeply rooted in the history of the digital currency and Wright’s plans.

But who’s right?

It should be noted that the evidence in the Wired case should be treated with great caution. The magazine points out that the information may even have been invented by Wright himself.

„Despite the massive burden of proof, we cannot say with 100% certainty that the mystery is solved. But one thing we can say for sure: either Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin or a genius counterfeiter who wants us to believe he is the true Satoshi Nakamoto.“

There are already some market observers who have great doubts about the authenticity and the connection between Satoshi Nakamoto and Wright. They are assuming that there is a false report and are therefore heating up speculation in the market.

Denariuz Bank should be one of Australia’s largest banks

Wright’s LinkedIn account is currently still active. The profile shows several companies in which Wright is said to have worked. These include Hotwire Pre-Emptive Intelligence Group, a company involved in the creation of a Bitcoin bank called Denariuz. However, the bank/company later experienced tax problems with the Australian Treasury.
According to a 2014 company presentation, Denariuz Bank should be one of Australia’s largest banks in the next 5-6 years.

Gizmodo continued to follow the link between Wright and the ATO and found that Wright had already indicated during a meeting with government officials that he had been involved in the development of Bitcoin.

In addition, a LinkedIn article points out that Wright has already worked with various U.S. government officials.

In his position as vice president of the Global Institute for Cyber Security + Research, Wright was responsible for promoting relations with the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), North American Space Administration and DSD, and regional government officials.

Whether he’s Satoshi or not, Wright has been working hard to reduce his online activity lately. To do this he deleted his Twitter account. Already during Gizmodo’s research, Wright is said to have set his Twitter posts to private.

Wright has not yet publicly commented on the allegations.